“Pestle Rock” Isan Thai Cuisine

“Rocking” the pestle grinds the spices

that create the flavors of Isan (Northeast)

Thai cuisine.

Like the Isan people, who live and eat close to the land taking only what they need, at Pestle Rock we prepare your meal with ingredients that are not just fresh but local and all-natural, whenever possible. And every day we “rock” the pestle to grind the spices to create the flavors unique to the Northeast region of Thailand. Whether you come with a group, in a pair, or by yourself, your time with us is more than a meal when you eat the way the Isan people eat. Use your hands like they do if you’d like. Dip and mix your food in a variety of authentic sauces to absorb and combine flavors from sweet and sour to hot and spicy. Don’t worry if you get a little messy. At Pestle Rock we believe what the Isan people believe: “more messy means more delicious.” We also serve Beer, Wine, and Spirits. Check out our recent review on Thrillist.com

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